27 May 2010

BP PR - The Ultimate Junk Shot

The Ultimate Junk Shot

The ultimate junk shot is not injecting a clever mixture of golf balls and tire shards into the blowout preventer. It's that we live in a balls-out corporatocracy where laissez faire capitalism - from the likes of Ayn Rand to Rand Paul - repeatedly explodes into a fireball.

Mud Beats Oil

The headline for BP's Top Kill procedure at the Deepwater Horizon calamity read "Mud Beats Oil". This makes me wonder if BP executives do a collegial round of Rock-Paper-Scissors before making all crucial decisions.

Why are so many corporations hell-bent on doing the wrong thing?
BP is destroying an entire region of the world & there's still no talk of cutting their next dividend -- Scott Adams

But, it does make for dark humor.

Here are the funniest and most poignant tweets about the BP calamity from the fake BP Twitter account BPGlobalPR:
  • The good news: Mermaids are real. The bad news: They are now extinct. #bpcares
  • We are dedicated to helping the wildlife in the gulf. Any birds that need cleaning must report to 287 Quartemain St, Baton Rouge, LA 70801.
  • Just got the concession call from Exxon Valdez. They were great competitors and remarkably evil about everything. #bpwins!
  • Not only are we dropping a top hat on the oil spill, we're going to throw in a cane and monocle as well. Keeping it classy.
  • If Top Kill doesn't work, we're just gonna toss a giant "Get Well Soon" card into the gulf and hope for the best. #bpcares
  • BP will be sponsoring the New Orleans Blues Festival this summer w/ special tribute to Muddy Waters. #bpcares
  • We just saw a shark fight an octopus inside the geyser. Almost made this whole thing worth it.
  • We are starting a movement to fix the oil leak. Just mail your garbage to New Orleans and we'll take it from there.
  • Sorry Kevin Costner, if we were interested in what you had to say, we'd rent Tin Cup.

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