01 June 2010

Facebook Dodged a Bullet

In A Key Lesson From The Facebook Privacy Scandal: If Your Customers Don’t Care, Ignore the Critics, Business Insider reporter Nick Saint says
To privacy advocates, that’s a compelling reason to make sharing new information opt-in. For Facebook, which stands to gain from people sharing more, it’s a great reason to make it opt-out. 
But here’s the important thing, from the business standpoint: the majority of Facebook’s users couldn’t care less.
I agree that most Facebook users couldn’t care less about Facebook sharing private likes, dislikes, & associations with its advertisers, but Nick Saint might be too young or unjaded to realize
People are sheep -- they follow the cool people.
One only need look at the sinusoidal coolness of Desert Boots for reference. Facebook nearly reached a Tipping Point of uncoolness.

I suspect we are on the cusp of witnessing a sudden, mass evacution of users from some major website.

Facebook dodged a bullet...for now.

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