29 January 2011

Doers, Makers, Builders and Bakers

I am happier, professionally speaking, when I'm working with smart, humble people who DO stuff.

Smart and self-effacing doers trump small-minded and self-important ass clowns every time.

I am drawn to the no-nonsense, unheralded schlubs who dig the cadence of getting shit done. These humble folks are best described by agent nouns:
Do-ers, Mak-ers, Build-ers and Bak-ers.
A business card title is frequently not an agent noun. President is NOT an agent noun. Vice President is NOT an agent noun. Chief Information Officer is NOT an agent noun.

I resolve to dedicate my waning days to being an agent noun. In my case it might be software develop-er or writ-er.

Fancy yourself as an agent noun? If so, remember that agent implies action. Action requires discipline.

If you're on the agent noun quest, expect the occasional slip-up.

Slack-er is an agent noun, right?

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