19 March 2011

Giuliani - Gravitas of a Feather

MANCHESTER, NH - Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is once again lifting his tassel-loafered leg to yellow-stain US political discourse.

In a fact-challenged, logic-enfeebled attempt to recreate the hateful drive-by tactics of his 2008 FAILED presidential campaign, the small-man's Napoleon Rudy Guiliani, a hate-filled excuse of a man, mocked the President saying Obama is a stuttering weakling on foreign policy.

No longer a Barack Obama apologist, I recently referred to the 44th president as Bush Lite. BUT that a toy poodle like Mr. Giuliani, who adds NOTHING, ZERO, ZIPPO to the body of knowledge vis-a-vis US foreign policy, has the chihuahua nuts to challenge the the President on foreign affairs is laughable. It's reminiscent of a purse dog trying to mount and hump a regal black lab.
Dude has the gravitas of a feather in a zero-gravity simulator.
No offense to other Rambo cowboys, but wouldn't Mr. Giuliani be better suited representing litigants with tooth fairy complaints in small claims court, than on the national stage opining about foreign policy?

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