25 June 2011

Summer Madness - The Face of America

James Verone is the face of America in the summer of 2011.

James Verone at Gaston county jail: the North Carolina man attempted a robbery of one dollar at a bank in order to be given medical treatment. Photograph: Ben Goff/The Gaston Gazette

Unemployed without health insurance, James had himself arrested so he could get a prison doctor to see him for back pain, arthritis and a dodgy foot (US man stages $1 bank robbery to get state healthcare).

It actually could get worse. Some politicians favor privatizing prisons. An unregulated, for-profit prison isn't likely to provide inmate healthcare. Just saying. It's Summer Madness.

It's the kind of madness that even Kool & The Gang could not have anticipated when they wrote their classic instrumental tune Summer Madness in 1974.

Watch Kool & The Gang's Rusty Hamilton slap a keyboard & synthesizer like it owes him money (below), then think about how fucked up public policy has been since the Reagan revolution in 1980.

The Bottom Line

The politics of The Rugged Individualist DO NOT WORK for people. Humans are a social community. We are interdependent, compassion-seeking creatures. I'd say BANK ON IT, but an unregulated banker might extract a hidden fee from you.

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