27 December 2011

Sanctity Schmanktity

Minnesota voters will be asked in November 2012 whether the Minnesota Constitution should be amended to say
"only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage."
Leave it to the politically-motivated Ninnicans of the Minnesota Legislature to introduce an amendment that is unapologetically anti-people. 

A nearly life-long affinity to fairness and communal pragmatism will inform my vote on this proposed constitutional amendment.

The most egregious breaches of fairness and communal pragmatism are perpetrated by individuals and organizations adhering to hate-filled dogma of this ilk.

Such a small-minded proclamation strikes me as gratuitously corrosive to society. It is also personally offensive because it cheapens the near 30-year union I have enjoyed with my spouse.

I defend the right for others to recognize the sanctity of marriage within the confines of their house of worship, but it has no place in civil law. When it comes to the State's gender-preference-based recognition of marriage, I call
Sanctity Schmanktity. 
The god these Minnesota legislators worship, if a benevolent god, would surely shit pants at such hate-filled, exclusionary drivel.

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