12 January 2013

The 113th Congress - Jobs Bill for Zygotes

Have you ever noticed how the policies put forth by conservative ideologues never serve the common good?

Three days ago Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) co-sponsored a Fetal Personhood Bill.

Have those of us living and breathing outside the womb grown weary of the absurdist political theater from Wisconsin's Eddie Munster?

Root canal?  An infestation of cockroaches? Or a 113th Congress infested by domestic terrorists bent on dismantling collective government services?

How will pragmatic and politically aware policy wonks like me manage to somnambulate through the théâtre de l'absurde that promises to be the 113th Congress?

I dunno. But, do me a solid? Wake me up if Paul Ryan co-sponsors a JOBS BILL for ZYGOTES.

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