28 October 2013


In the poem Confederate Graves in Little Rock, poet Richard Hugo wrote,
“The right words never find themselves cut into stone.”
From the same poem, he writes
“Maybe the best graves stay unmarked,”
I don't resonate to the acronym RIP. If one is a theist using RIP makes sense because it's an antiquated artifact of religious doctrine (e.g., may his soul rest in peace). R.I.P. comes from the Latin Requiescat In Pace.

Speaking or writing RIP has become our cultural norm. It is mindlessly deployed. RIP is spoken or written without considering its meaning. If one's atheist or agnostic (which I falsely assume many are), it makes little sense to use RIP.

What is a suitable acronym to deploy instead of RIP?  I propose WAS.


WAS means We Are Stardust. But it could also mean the past-tense was as in he was a person.

“Believe you and I sing tiny and wise
and could if we had to eat stone and go on.”

from Richard Hugo's poem Glen Uig in Making Certain It Goes On


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