21 March 2016

Merchants Have No Country

I'm conflicted on aspects of Jeffersonian Democracy, but dude got it right when he wrote,
"but merchants have no country. the mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains."

Jefferson was admonishing New England merchants and shipowners who were more concerned about diminishing the profitability of transatlantic trade than rallying around their country in the War of 1812.

Fast forward 200 years. US companies have $2.1 trillion clams parked overseas for the sole purpose of avoiding US corporate taxes. Microsoft, Apple, and Google are brand-name players in this shenanigans.

 It's time to bring down a big government hammer on this shit:
  • Step 1. Fill Nino's seat with a moderate.
  • Step 2. Overturn Citizens United v. FEC.
  • Step 3. Clean Congress the fuck up.
  • Step 4. Double Congressional salaries to $384K a year but require our representatives to shop for health insurance on some shitty website like the rest of us.
  • Step 5...You'll have to buy the book.


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