22 July 2016

Clinton Misses the Message

Sec. Clinton’s VP choice of another corporatist neo-liberal demonstrates how shockingly little the DNC and beltway Democrats have understood about this historic Presidential election cycle. 

After the rise and resonance of Sen. Sanders’ wealth inequality message, Sec. Clinton and the DNC are still profoundly deaf, dumb, and blind to the national zeitgeist of economic insecurity. Even the churlish megalomaniac Mr. Trump seems to have grokked this message from day one. Nut-wing conservatives and milk toast neo-liberals like Sec. Clinton have sold us down the road. 

Sec. Clinton will still have my reluctant vote, but the choice of Tim Kaine is a head scratcher. Clinton’s safe pick of Gov. Kaine seems risky in this economic climate. 

How does the DNC bring energetic millennials into the big tent? Not with Tim Kaine. Hows does the DNC excite the base? Not with Tim Kaine. Why didn’t Sec. Clinton reach out to mend fences with progressives by making a bolder pick? Sec. Clinton is thumbing her nose at Sanders millennials & old lefties like me. This VP pick is a personal affront. 

Sec. Clinton needs to pull a rabbit out of the hat next week in Philly. People are ready to burn this shit down. 

Still, the #1 most compelling reason to hold your nose to vote Hillary Clinton besides stopping the churlish megalomaniac? At least two Supreme Court nominations are in the offing.

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