25 April 2010

Hi-Yo Silvery Self-Absorption

Many contemporary leaders have a world-view shaped by the popular television series of their time. Like The Lone Ranger.
a fiery horse with the speed of light
a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi-Yo silver
the lone ranger

My Television

A child of the 1960s, the TV shows that most influenced me were The Munsters and Hogan's Heros.

Retrospectively I can say The Munsters exposed me to Flip-Side Metaphysics.
Many of our most closely held assumptions have a flip-side.
The Munsters saw Marilyn as a loveable eyesore when, to the non-Munster eye, she was veritable eye-candy.

Hogan's Heros bequeathed an affinity for pragmatism. That is,
Sometimes you cut a deal with your enemy to save your bacon.
How many times was Colonel Klink's butt in a sling?  Of those times, Colonel Hogan usually saved Klink's bacon via some mutually beneficial caper.

Contemporary Television

Is there something to be learned from vacuous self-absorption? Are there lessons from obsessive focus on nails, hair, creature comforts, and conspicuous consumption?

How will The Real Housewives of New Jersey influence tomorrow’s leaders?

Often we learn the most from things that repulse us.

Because of shows like The Real Housewives of Blank that orbit around narcissistic excess like eddies of plastic containers in shipping channels, I am hopeful the upcoming swell of leaders will be selfless servants of the public good.

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