11 September 2011

Holy Shit on a Ski-doo

The first and perhaps only sign of intelligence from Republicans came not from Romney, not from Hunstman, but from bat-shit crazy Sarah Palin.

The New York Times headline Some of Sarah Palin's Ideas Cross the Political Divide made me think another fair-and-balanced journalist was trying to chap my hide with progressive-baiting.

But I was wrong.

My Palin Epiphany

She's dumb as a box of sled parts. She disgusts you with her self-righteous animosity toward intelligent life. But...
Sarah Palin makes three important points that comprise the most cogent analysis of the US political climate I have read since Bill Bradley retired from the Senate:
  1. The US is governed by a permanent political class cut off from the concerns of regular people.
  2. Both parties have allied with big business to mutual advantage.
  3. The political divide in the US are the friends and foes of unaccountable public and private institutions.
There isn't a progressive, centrist, or right wing ninny who could credibly argue against those three points.

Holy shit on a ski-doo. Palin for Cub Scout Den Mother!

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