04 September 2011

Nincompoop Nation

I can't recall a time when I thought beauty pageants were normal.
Gary Collins asked one Miss America finalist:
"What's your favorite part of the pageant?"
"Lunch," she replied.
At least this contestant was honest, rather than a bold-faced, audience-appeasing liar.

This video documents the repulsive Kool-Aid of appalling ignorance and ambition.

We're to blame. The US has devolved to a society so detached from the truth, so divorced from critical thinking, so mired in inane religiosity, and so fearful of loud-mouthed, violence-prone right wing ninnies that our beauty pageants ask the wrong fucking question.

The question is NOT
Should evolution be taught in schools?
rather it's
Should creationism be taught in schools?
We are a society that is being destroyed by decades of popular anti-intellectualism.


  1. I see miss Georgia offers a rebuttal. "We're smarter than ever these days".

  2. Nice one Steffan. We've got that going for us.


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