25 September 2012

GOP Animus Outed

I concur with the GOP's unofficial ministry of propaganda that Mitt Romney is, at best, a sub-optimal Presidential candidate.

However, Mitt Romney's metastasizing campaign says more about the message than the messenger. The oft overlooked story of the 2012 election cycle is this:
Once the animus and vitriol of today's GOP party slithers into public scrutiny, whether by words or deeds, we find the GOP vision for the country is wholly unpopular.
Scott Brown's staffers making war whoops and tomahawk chops in apparent
reference to challenger Elizabeth Warren's Cherokee heritage
From Todd Akin's inexplicable legitimate rape statement to Scott Brown's campaign staffers tomahawk chopping to belittle their opponent's claim to ethnic origin -- these egregiously insensitive, tone-deaf spectacles are not gaffs. Rather, they are the unvarnished expression of:
The GOP's regressive, hate-filled, anti-people world view
Few would argue that the GOP has been hijacked by wing nut nincompoops like Grover Norquist and Paul Ryan, whose political philosophy and vision for the country, by definition, exclude the best interests of large blocks of voters (e.g., women, seniors, students, Latinos, gays, etc.).
The GOP animus has been outed in 2012.
It is not so much that "Thurston Howell" Romney is a coin-operated doofus, as it is that the GOP's vision does not serve a majority of the people.


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