15 September 2012

Metaphysical Gravity

There are phenomena I have observed that seem to defy the laws of nature. I visited Bannock, a abandoned town in southwest Montana, in 2004.

Something in the way life in Bannack seemed fixed in time like artifacts in amber, prompted this poem:

Defying Gravity
Bannack, 11 October 2004

On most mornings sunlight
Splinters ghost town curtains
Like dust dancing in a spotlight
Splaying warmth across bare wood

Sun swells the heartwood between grains
While its heat blisters window-well paint
Into a primordial cartography, giving us
Timely but transient navigation

Yet, if days are measured by sleeps
And the seasons measured by moons
How does the architecture of existence
Defy gravity?

By the mystery of poetry, the artifacts of Bannock defied gravity, but those same artifacts could have just as easily defied the conservation of mass.

The comforting lure of the laws of nature is that they appear constant and immutable, at least until proven untrue.

Buckmister Fuller said,
"Love is metaphysical gravity", 
which is unprovable, but I suspect is true.

Gravity outlasts us. So our defiance of gravity is unsustainable.

Perhaps love is like gravity. Love outlasts us. Those who love us continue to love us after we depart to the netherworld.

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