03 March 2010

The Most Useless Machine

The US Senate, comprised of ConservaDems and RepubliCants using rules established in more civilized times, seems a helluva lot like the The Most Useless Machine - Ever!...

Definition of Terms

ConservaDems are rudderless politicians who
  • Eschew policy that would benefit the masses 
  • Pander to wing nut issues like abortion
  • Cave under the pressure of corporate interests
In addition to sharing the all of the above characteristics with ConservaDems, RepubliCants are consummate politicians who
  • Spew misinformation for political gain
  • Foment fear and paranoia for political gain
  • Don't give a shit about policy that benefits people
  • Couldn't solve their way out of a damp paper bag

Insurance - A Poster Child for Deregulation

The insurance industry is a poster child for what nearly 30 years of deregulation means to US citizens. All of the ass-clowns since The Pompadour himself Ronald Reagan, who recklessly pursued the anti-regulation mantra of laissez-faire capitalism, are to blame for the corporate anarchy we live with today. This is not the best form of capitalism. Not even close.

Insurance - Sickness Shouldn't Mean Bankruptcy

The torturous, absurd path of actions and reactions in following video, seems a suitable metaphor for the US Congress ostensibly attempting to reign in the brazen crimes of insurance industry outlaws.

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