04 March 2010

Rough Fish Magazine

Fish Shape World View
Wasilla, Alaska

Katie Couric, special political correspondent to Rough Fish, caught up with vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin outside the provincial backwater of Wasilla, Alaska.

Special political correspondent Couric slow-burned the perky Alaskan executrice like a desiccated carp abandoned in a Little Chief smoker.

Coaxing this knuckle-headed ditz into revealing the world-view shaping events in her life, Couric relentlessly grilled Ms. Palin on how the different types of fish she has caught over the years in Alaska might have prepared her for the vice presidency.

Here is an excerpt from our Rough Fish exclusive interview:

When it comes to your world view, what kinds of fish did you regularly catch before you were tapped as Senator John McCain’s running mate?
I've caught most of them, again with a great appreciation for the press, for the media...
Like what kinds of fish specifically…I'm curious that you...?
Um…I’ve caught ALL of them, ANY of them that have been in front of me over all these the years.
Can you name a few?
I have a vast variety of fish holes were we haul out our share of lunkers. Alaska isn't a foreign country, ya know!


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