23 March 2010

What Have They Ever Done For Us?

We all can do with a reminder that public services are a good thing.
Elective government is like a garden -- it depends on attentive gardeners.

Thanks goes to my insightful friend Julie Schultz Brown for pointing out to this ironic John Cleese clip.

It's easy to whine about poorly delivered public services, and to bitch & moan about poorly managed public institutions bleeding tax dollars, but not so easy to work to improve them.
Work to improve our public institutions, don't abandon them.
The US is emerging from the demonstrable short-comings of the Reagan revolution (deregulation, eviscerated government services, and costly & senseless war-mongering).

The Next Revolution

The next revolution is restoring Public institutions we can all be proud of (Public Education, Public Transportation, Public Welfare, Public Library, Public Yada Yada).

The next revolution is about injecting People back into the "P" of Public.
One mark of a civilized society is how much one can do free of charge.
The gardener’s challenge:
  • responsible feeding, and 
  • diligent weeding.

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